Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Fifth reading

Go to
Click library
Click articles and databases
Click Opposing Viewpoints
Type Douglas S. Massey in the search bar
Should pull up "Illegal Immigrants Do Not Drain Public Services"
If you are accessing the library off campus, you will need a password, which is located at the library's reference desk or if you email the library


  1. did any one else have trouble with the homework's link?

  2. hey prof. ashby! Looking at the syllabus, I saw that it says we have a midterm tomorrow, wed. 3/10. Would it be possible to let me know what the midterm will be covering, since we have not heard any notice about it in class?

  3. ditto, I saw it yesterday but i havent heard about it so i was wondering what will be the midterm :/

  4. Sorry--I will see how many people had a problem with it tomorrow