Sunday, April 11, 2010


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Monday, March 15, 2010


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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Mid Term


English 116

Take Home Mid Term—due 3/22

Part 1—two pages) Create an argument about any topic using the Toulmin method. Begin with an introduction and a strong, debatable claim. Then offer evidence and reasons to support your claim. You must also link your claim to your evidence and reasons with warrants. For example, if your claim is that nuclear energy should be banned, your reason could be that nuclear energy produces nuclear waste. Your warrant could then be that anything that creates nuclear waste in the environment is dangerous. Using the Toulmin method, however, does not mean that you forget the rest of the principles that you have learned. Remember to develop each paragraph using the AXES model. Also, remember the other argumentative elements such as establishing ethos and using appeal to emotion (pathos) and logic (logos). Your argument can also be one of definition, evaluation, fact, meditation, exploration. You may also use humor to enhance your argument—this essay is intended to use the rhetorical elements we have been discussing up to this point in the semester.

Part 2—two pages) Once you have carefully constructed your argument, you will then rhetorically analyze your argument. You will tell me where in your essay you have used the Toulmin method of structuring your argument. You will point out where your claim, evidence, reasons, and warrants are. You will state where and how you have attempted to establish your ethos, where (if at all) you have appealed to reason and emotion. Tell me what type of argument yours is—definition, fact………….. Illustrate through your analysis that you know how to identify and use rhetorical elements.


Hi Y'all
Due to my absence, essays will be due Friday
Also, the mid term will be take home--
for you bloggers, I will post the topic tonight!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Fifth reading

Go to
Click library
Click articles and databases
Click Opposing Viewpoints
Type Douglas S. Massey in the search bar
Should pull up "Illegal Immigrants Do Not Drain Public Services"
If you are accessing the library off campus, you will need a password, which is located at the library's reference desk or if you email the library

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